Thursday, September 6, 2007

There is a Reason I've Eaten Shrimp With Pasta for 6 Straight Days

I have a friend, let's call him Bob, who does a lot of favors for me. He frequently drives me places, and housesits when I'm out of town. But Bob doesn't cook, so a few times a month, I'll invite him over for dinner. We're good friends, and he's a laid-back person, so a dinner invitiation isn't a formal affairs. It's often last-minute, and I'll ask him what he's in the mood to eat. Witness our IM conversation from yesterday:

Diet Diva: Would you like me to make dinner?
Bob: i like macoroni & cheese
Bob: and shrimps
Diet Diva: I'll take that under consideration
Bob: does leo like shrimps [Note: Leo is my cat]
Diet Diva: He like spiders and naps
Diet Diva: OK, gotta shower
Diet Diva: bye

[A few hours later.]
Diet Diva: Ok, I'm making shrimp linguine in pesto sauce with peas and artichoke hearts
Diet Diva: You can pick out the hearts if you don't like them
Bob: no likey pasta
Bob: carbolicous
Diet Diva: Really? Because when I asked you what you wanted for dinner, everything you said was pasta-related
Diet Diva: Remember that conversation a couple hours ago?
Diet Diva: It's only 40% carbs anyway
Bob: fine...whole wheat pasta
Diet Diva: it is!

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