Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tip: Write It Down!

Want my best diet secret?

Write down everything that you eat, and also track your daily exercise. I also make a note of my weight each day.

There are a couple benefits to keeping a diet and exercise diary.

You can identify patterns and trends. Maybe you gain weight each time you eat a particular meal. Or maybe you had a particularly good diet week, and want to repeat it. You'll know what you did to make it happen.

You'll be more motivated to stick to your diet and workout regime. I love food, and often eat when I'm not hungry. If I'm not tracking my food intake, I'd have a list a mile long of each and every thing I snacked on when I got bored and walked through the kitchen. Having to commit it to paper is a good incentive not to snack. It also motivates you to keep up your good habits. Doesn't you get a good feeling each time you enter a workout into your diary? I do!

So write it down...today.

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